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Findy helps you Explore the world fro m a new perspective

Findy, The Adventure App

Kifah Ayass Fitness is a dynamic fitness platform dedicated to empowering individuals on their health and wellness journey. Offering guided workouts through clear and effective instructional videos, Kifah Ayass Fitness aims to help customers achieve their fitness goals. With a modern, global, and active branding approach, the platform provides a user-friendly interface for an enhanced fitness experience, making it easier for users to engage and transform their lives.

KA Fitness Branding, Website & App

Fresh, new brand and a book subscription ecommerce website

Bilingual book subscription for kids

Efficiently designed ecommerce for traditional French furniture

French Atmosphere Ecommerce

Social Media Marketing, Digital Content Creation

Slider Code

Drive customers to Slider Code's new restaurant branch in Riyadh

Food & Beverage


Featured Projects

Project Details

Slider Code Burger: the new boss in town! Mutant's role is to create graphical and text digital contents for Slider Code with the aim of promoting its expansion to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

We then run the campaign on social media targeting all the foodies and just about everyone who loves a good burger!

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