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  • Emily Shwake

How to Monetize your New Blog

Monetizing a blog can be a time consuming and challenging process, and it is not something that can be achieved overnight. However, there are a few ways that you can make money off your blog, even if it’s a brand new project.

Make money from online ads

One of the most reliable ways to make money blogging is to display advertisements throughout your site and collect revenue from each click. The advantage of this option is that it requires minimal effort from the blogger’s end. All you need to do is set up an account with an online ads platform and connect it to your website.

Using Google AdSense, you can define which fields, industries and categories of ads should be displayed on your blog to ensure that they’re a strong fit. In addition, you can design the look of the ads to match the overall design of your blog. When you create a blog on Wix, you can add Google AdSense ads to your blog and generate income anytime those ads are viewed or clicked.

For the ads on your blog to be profitable, make sure that they relate to your audience’s interests. If your blog deals with health and wellness, your target audience probably won’t feel tempted to click on real estate ads. Instead, you'd want to choose ads that promote wellness solutions or health products.

Ask for donations

You can also monetize your blog by asking for donations. While you shouldn’t be pushy, you can leave a friendly, transparent note to fans expressing your appreciation for their readership and welcoming their support. Your audience will be especially inclined to support you if you’re blogging about a good cause, whether your goal is to promote social justice or support nonprofit work.

The principle behind donations is that they enable your audience to thank you for providing them with free, valuable content. For this reason, it’s not advisable to ask for donations if you already charge for access to it.

Become a freelance blogger

Another effective blog monetization strategy is to become a freelance writer for widely read online publications within your niche. Even if your own blog isn’t drawing in much traffic yet, your posts serve as a valuable portfolio of your writing that you can leverage to become a freelance writer for other blogs. By using your own content to establish authority and expertise, you can get hired to write for other blogs and might even be able to make it a full-time job.

To find these opportunities, you can research dedicated freelance writing job boards or reach out to brands directly. Whichever route you take, be sure to provide a link to your own blog to highlight your writing skills and experience.