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  • Emily Shwake

How to monetize a blog over the long term

If you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re ready to make some bigger commitments, here are a few tips for monetizing a blog over the long term:

Build paid membership plans

Your blog posts offer more than just an opinion. They’re a combination of your experience, expertise and unique perspective. People want to read them because they offer special value, whether it’s professional advice, life-hacking tips, personal empowerment or any type of training. While most of your posts should be free and readily available, consider creating a pricing plan in which you set aside exclusive content for paying members.

To persuade your readers that this premium content is worth paying for, keep some parts available for free viewing. You can use these free samples as a way to captivate audiences and get them hooked on your blog. In order to keep your publication balanced, indicate in your content calendar which posts you’d like to reserve as premium and which ones will be available to all readers.

Another approach is to allow readers to purchase subscription plans so they buy access to your content. This is a popular strategy used on publications across the web. On Wix, you can easily set up a subscription plan that allows you to monetize your blog. When posts get added to the subscription plan, they’re marked as exclusive content for paying readers.

Create online courses

Consider repurposing your most popular written content in the form of online courses. This technique for selling videos online will not only help you drive engagement, but it’s also a powerful blog monetization strategy.

While you should continue to offer short-form video content for free, you can ask for payment for premium videos that are more in-depth. Using Wix Video, you can sell, rent and enable your video content for download under your own terms. This enables you to determine the pricing and even restrict the duration of the video’s availability.

To make the most of your online courses, think about the types of content that your target audience would pay for. For instance, you might create a complex tutorial video that goes beyond anything your audience can find for free online. These might include educational videos such as coding tutorials or a series of fitness training videos.

Start a podcast

If you want to get especially creative with your blog, another monetization option is to start a podcast. Rather than creating audio content from scratch, you can simply repurpose the existing content on your blog.