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Flutter Developer

Posted on: 1/22/2024

Deadline: 2/4/2024

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate and skilled Flutter developer to join our team and help us build beautiful, high-performing mobile applications.


  • Design and develop native mobile applications for iOS and Android using the Flutter framework.

  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code in Dart.

  • Collaborate with designers, product managers, and other developers to bring ideas to life.

  • Implement UI/UX best practices to create intuitive and user-friendly applications.

  • Conduct unit and integration testing to ensure quality and stability.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Flutter technologies and trends.


  • Experience with Firebase, REST APIs, and state management solutions.

  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines.

  • Experience with mobile testing frameworks.

  • Strong understanding of Dart: Dart is the programming language used in Flutter, so a solid grasp of its syntax, object-oriented programming concepts, and asynchronous programming is crucial.

  • Proficiency in Flutter framework: Mastering the core concepts of Flutter, including widgets, state management, routing, and animation, is essential for building native mobile applications.

  • Knowledge of UI/UX design: Creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces is key for successful mobile apps. Understanding design principles and best practices for mobile screens is valuable.

  • API integration: Most applications interact with external APIs for data exchange. Familiarity with API integration techniques and common libraries like Dio is helpful.

  • Testing & Debugging: Implementing unit and integration tests ensures code quality and stability. Knowing testing frameworks like Flutter Driver and debugging tools is an asset.

  • Version control: Understanding Git and using it effectively for collaborative development is standard practice.

  • Experience with mobile development concepts: Grasping fundamental mobile development principles like navigation patterns, device capabilities, and platform-specific considerations can enhance your work.

  • Familiarity with Firebase: Firebase offers various tools for mobile app development, like authentication, databases, and cloud functions. Knowing Firebase can open up possibilities for rich functionalities.

  • State management solutions: Managing app state effectively is crucial. Understanding and using popular state management libraries like Provider, BLoC, or Riverpod is advantageous.

  • CI/CD pipelines: Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) automate development processes. Familiarity with CI/CD tools can streamline workflows.

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking: Mobile development often involves tackling diverse challenges. Strong problem-solving skills and a critical thinking approach are essential.

  • Communication and collaboration: Working effectively with designers, product managers, and other developers requires excellent communication and collaboration skills.


  • Remote

Work Details

  • Project Basis (3 Months)

  • Monthly renumeration

  • Paid holidays

  • Annual meet-up with the Dubai Team

Interested in joining the team?

Please send your CV along with links of your previous projects to

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